Study Nooks

You know what’s this seasons must have? Do you? Well? … A study nook.  Don’t need a big area. Just a sneaky desk, lamp, cute chair. Somewhere to plonk the laptop and charge the iPad. Sometimes you can steal a little space in...
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Pink Blush

So, much to some peoples surprise we are still staging 2 weeks out from Christmas. But guess what? Real estate never stops. Ok it slows some over winter and late December but it’s never just dead. (Which is lucky for us).  It’s summer...
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Town house love

So it’s no secret we love staging a town house at instant impression. This week was no exception. In fact it’s hard to think of a week we don’t stage one.  But it’s a little bit of an art. They have to be funky and fresh to...
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Bedside Love

Master Bedrooms sell houses, we all know that! (Don’t we?) So what can you do to make your Master Bedroom stand out from the pack? Apart from divine cushions on the bed, which is a must, let’s think about your beside table. Most bedside tables I see...
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Pops of What?

Ok so if I ever get a tattoo it will say “pop of colour!”
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Set That Table

So how many open houses have you been to see that you haven’t first looked at the photos online? I would wager none. The first impression the buyer gets of your home is the photos they see online. Your photos have to stand out amongst all the others!...
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Selling that living room

People who have been around real estate longer than me say that the two areas that sell a home are the kitchen/living and the master bedroom. Seeing as I am not a real estate agent I can’t talk about selling strategies for these spaces, but I can tell...
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Style that Master

I don’t know about you, but some mornings after I have made my bed, I have a quiet moment of longing just wanting to hop back in, to dive back under the linen and try and ignore my to do list for the day. Beds can do that, they evoke emotion, they are...
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