Forever Summer

It’s hot Melbourne. (Well some days it is), the days are long, sun streams in the windows, people with pools are enjoying the sounds of happy kids splashing around after school. Holidays are on the horizon. So is it a good time to sell? People always...
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Does it really work?

I love this question? Of course my answer is heck yeah! But then home staging is my business (and one of my passions).  Today I thought I would show you a little partial stage we did this week. Great house, great location, tired furniture… ...
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It’s spring Melbourne 

Apart from the blossom, rain showers and hay fever you know how we can tell it’s spring? Because we are too busy to blog;) Seriously though Spring is selling season in Melbourne. Auctions, For Sale Signs and lots of busy real estate agents and home...
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Winter is coming … actually it’s here. 

So some people don’t think you can sell your home in winter. I disagree… I think it’s a great time to sell. There are less properties on the market which means more people wanting your home! You can make your home cozy and appealing....
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Side table love

I love me a side table. They just add interest and something cool to a room or space without taking up too much room.  They are perfect for putting a lamp on.  And just making a space more inviting.  Do you like a hall table or two? They...
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Pink Crush

Oh pink. How I love you. 💕 this month we are crushing on pink.  Pink brings a lovely warmth to our Melbourne autumn.  It looks great in photos and hey don’t you want to snuggle down under this blanket.  We even love it on couches....
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Little vignettes styling tip

So, here is a little tip we use everyday at instant impression. We group things together. Odd numbers usually work best. So, don’t have one candle, have two or three. In the kitchen little vignettes work so well. Like this one. It’s simple...
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March Musings

So we are well into March people! Can you believe that? It’s a little crazy in real estate at this time of year, but thought I would show you some of what we have been doing in staging land.  We are loving clean lines and clutter free styling. ...
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Happy New Year

So 2017 hello!! It seems only yesterday we were saying hi to your good buddy 2016. We sure staged a lot of houses in 2016 and this year we are looking forward to staging a whole lot more.  Kitchen vignettes.  Little nooks.  Bedrooms. So...
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Fave Things

So it’s the end of the year. Yay. 🎄I thought I would share some of my favourite jobs/things from the year with y’all. I loved this. All the greys. Little kitchen vignettes are just so fun to play with. We love creating them. This one...
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