Forever Summer

It’s hot Melbourne. (Well some days it is), the days are long, sun streams in the windows, people with pools are enjoying the sounds of happy kids splashing around after school. Holidays are on the horizon. So is it a good time to sell?

People always ask us? When should I sell? Most of the time there is no right or wrong. Sell when it works for you. People are always looking and your home is someone’s dream home. 

In summer your home looks light and bright. So I think it’s a great time to sell. The lighting is great for twilight photos and you can really sell the indoor/outdoor lifestyle that we Aussies love. 

Remember to keep the windows clean and the bbq too for that matter. 
If you have air/con or cooling and it’s a warm day. Make sure and put it on. People love to come into a cool home on a hot day. 

Still pop your lamps and bedside lights on. Even with the sun streaming in they add warmth. Lamps are for every day and every season. 
Add some summery colours to your decor. Blues and pinks are perfect.  Who doesn’t love that relaxed feeling that summer holidays brings. Try inject some of that in to your home. 

Lastly. Try to keep the garden looking fresh. Hopefully we all have tank water so we can keep it green without feeling guilty. An inviting lawn for the kids to play on is a big selling feature if you have it, flaunt it. 

Happy Summer Friends. 

Hopefully you don’t spend it picking up wet towels 😉 

Kate and team x