Selling that living room

Selling that living room

People who have been around real estate longer than me say that the two areas that sell a home are the kitchen/living and the master bedroom. Seeing as I am not a real estate agent I can’t talk about selling strategies for these spaces, but I can tell you about how to style them. Today we are going to focus on making your living room sing!

If you want evidence of how much we value our living rooms go to the newsagent and grab a home magazine, flick through and see living room after living room. Or simply pop into Adairs or bed bath and table and see the rows and rows of cushions and throws … we love to make our living spaces beautiful. The fact is as humans we are all drawn to beauty, so when selling it is time to unleash the beauty on your living spaces.

delicious cushion texture.

There are some amongst us who believe you can have too many cushions or throws, but don’t listen! They are wrong, oh so wrong! Cushions add texture, pops of colour and can drag a dated/faded and even cat scratched sofa back in to fashion.

So go wild people and plump, preen and place those cushions around until your living room looks like a new space!

The other thing you must buy, dust off or grab from your mums place is a lamp or two. Pretty much every room needs a lamp when you are selling. You need them for your photos and to create a lovely warm atmosphere at your open for inspections. A good agent loves a lamp (or 5) and gets to your open house early and makes sure they are all switched on!

If the thought of doing this makes you feel a little ill, never fear we are near! We will come and dress your space for you, we can do the whole room, or just add some pops of colour in the cushions and throws. At Instant Impression we love making every room beautiful, home staging is all about adding beauty (and in turn value) to your home.