Town house love

So it’s no secret we love staging a town house at instant impression. This week was no exception. In fact it’s hard to think of a week we don’t stage one. 

But it’s a little bit of an art. They have to be funky and fresh to stand out from the crowd (and there is a crowd). They have to show off how spacious and functional they are and they need to maximize any natural light. 

We love a bit of black and white at the moment. It’s fresh and well I was going to say timeless but nothing is really timeless is it? That’s why staging is cool. We always use what’s current. That’s our job 😉
We make sure and use every little nook a livable space. Oh and we don’t forget to make them cute. 
So that’s this weeks townhouse. Hope you loved it. We did. (I mean if you really love it you can buy it ;))

Kate x