Bedside Love

Bedside Love

Master Bedrooms sell houses, we all know that! (Don’t we?) So what can you do to make your Master Bedroom stand out from the pack? Apart from divine cushions on the bed, which is a must, let’s think about your beside table.

Most bedside tables I see have three things, a phone charger (ugly), a clock radio (ugly) and a mismatched lamp (mega ugly). I am not judging people, but your buyers will, so let’s clean that ugly up!

bedside 7

Get rid of bedside clutter and sell the dream!

Some bedrooms you can add some pops of colour and some whimsy (who doesn’t love whimsy?)

bedside 1

Trust me on this one; all rooms with two bedsides must have matching lamps! Symmetry, please! If you don’t your photos will look terrible, and buyers they don’t like terrible photos!

bedside 4

And last but not least clean lines, simple tones and really apart from the lamp zero practicality, but that’s ok, It’s not a laundry or walk in robe, it is a bedside table, give it some love!

bedside 6