It’s spring Melbourne 

Apart from the blossom, rain showers and hay fever you know how we can tell it’s spring? Because we are too busy to blog;)

Seriously though Spring is selling season in Melbourne. Auctions, For Sale Signs and lots of busy real estate agents and home stagers …. yep we are in the thick of it. 

But how can you stand out from the crowd? Make your House the one buyers can’t resist? 

Here are our spring top tips. 

Make your garden sing. Mulch away those weeds. Pop some flowering plants in garden beds or pots and make sure your driveway and front path are clean and inviting. Maximize street appeal people!

Spring brings with it beautiful sun (sometimes) and longer bright days. Make sure your windows are clean. Free of sheer curtains that block the sun. So your home soaks up the sun and your photos look spot on. Colourful cushions look perfect in the sun too. 

Pop some cute accessories around the house. Pack up your clutter, add some fresh flowers, new fresh art work and a couple of candles. Your home is your biggest investment, make it look its best. Some people put more effort into getting their car ready for sale than their home. 

After all you want top dollar in a competitive market. So you may have to spend a few weekends away from the bbq and wine, painting or washing windows. But my gosh it will be worth it. 

Kate and team xx