Pops of What?

Pops of What?

Ok so if I ever get a tattoo it will say “pop of colour!” That is what every room needs when selling, and we must say it ten times every day. Today I went into the most divine family home. Beautiful neutrals, coffees and the odd touch of green. There was quality stone bench tops, superb cabinetry and it was clean and de cluttered. But no colour. Which is fine for living in if you like it like that. But not fine for selling. Unless you live under a rock, or you are too well educated to watch reality TV (you know who you are;), well then you have probably seen one of the many, many home selling, improvement, renovation shows that have dominated our viewing for the last 10 years!

What do they use people? They use pops of colour. Thankfully red suede feature walls are not considered fab pops of colour anymore, but cushions, art work, side tables, crockery, fruit (lemons in a vase, come at me!!), these are what you need!

And you need them now. Go onto real estate web sites, scroll through the 40 or so houses in your local area. Tell me which photos you were drawn too … I bet they had good old pops of colour. Don’t roll your eyes at me and tell me people are not buying the cushions, or that you hate orange and aqua. It’s not about either of those things. Firstly you want your home to stand out from the crowd, and cushions and throws update any couch, well almost any couch. More importantly they stand out in the photos, make people stop scrolling and look at your place! Secondly if orange and aqua are the pops of the moment, then you will use them. This is not about your taste, or style. It is about appealing to the mass market, the big retailers define and refine what colours we all “love” you don’t even have to really think about it. Go for a wander through your local “home” and furniture shopping centre and you will find out what is “in.”


This is maximum impact for minimal effort (and money), and unless you are in serious financial distress (and I will write about that soon), I don’t want to hear anyone say. “So … we want to sell our home but we are not willing to spend anything on it …” Say what!! Your biggest investment, and you are not willing to make it sell for more, quicker and easier?? What you are doing is just offering that profit to the next buyer, instead of keeping it for yourself. Yep it might cost you a few hundred dollars to grab some new vases, candles, cushions, throws and other pops of colour, but it may be the best $500 you have ever spent!